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Destination Truth S02E12 - Issie Icelandic Elves

Destination Truth S02E12 - Issie Icelandic Elves by debunkerbuster

Rob Lowe Vs. Bigfoot: Face-To-Face Meeting

Actor claims he saw legendary creature while filming new show!

rob lowe bigfoot
Rob Lowe insists he’s not a “Hollywood kook” when he swears he came face-to-face with Bigfoot in a chilling encounter while filming a docuseries in the Ozark Mountains!
“I thought I was going to be killed,” declares the 53-year-old, who plays Dr. Ethan Willis on the TV medical drama “Code Black.”
The pants-wetting moment came while Rob and sons Matt and John were shooting their A&E series, “The Lowe Files,” where they investigate mysteries and strange phenomena. They were in the mountainous Arkansas-Missouri-Oklahoma region where locals believe the towering “wood ape” or “Bigfoot” as the critter is called in the Northwest, haunts their forests.
“If you call it a “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” they roll their eyes — as if that makes it outrageous,” Rob chuckled.

Surrounded by a film crew and armed band of ex-soldiers hired as trackers, footage caught a shirtless Rob performing a ceremony to bring out the creature.
“We’re 100 miles from the nearest town … it’s one in the morning … there are a lot of serious former military men with loaded weapons,” says the former “West Wing” star. “Then something starts approaching our camp that is defying orders to stop and warnings that they’re armed.”
The beast ignored warnings and strode right up to them, says Rob. He refuses to say more, promising the payoff is on his new show’s Aug. 2 A&E premiere.

Proof National Enquirer is Real News - Time Magazine is Fake News

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Investigating BRFO Report # 3401

After reading the below report I decided to drive along this road at night with a dash cam running in the hopes of recording another such encounter. This did not happen, but I did realise that the above pictured bigfoot statue is along this very road. Is the statue there because of sightings in the area?

Report # 3401  (Class A) 
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 19, 2001.

Motorist and passenger catch glimpse of humanlike figure crossing the road

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YEAR: 2001
MONTH: November
DATE: 11/18/2001
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Mercer County
LOCATION DETAILS: Lamor connects Rte 18(Hermitage) and Rte 19(Mercer) in Mercer County.
OBSERVED: I was returning home from a NFL football game that I had attended out of state. It was about 8:45pm. The road I was traveling on had a lot bends with patches of woods on both sides, broken up by houses every so often. It is a back road that connects two towns. The posted speed limit ranges from 10mph to 45mph. I was traveling at about 55-60mph on the straighter sections(I was trying to get home, I had been driving for a couple of hours). This is where it happened. One of my good friends was sitting in the front with me. We had the radio up loud and was singing and staring straight ahead. Two more of my friends where in the back seat talking. As I came around a bend into a straight-a-way, with woods on both sides, something caught my vision just in the edge of the headlights(high beams). I saw the mid and lower torso, and legs of what appeared to be a person. It appeared to be crossing the road. I saw it take a right and then left stride and then it went into the trees on the right side of the road. I vaguely saw the color, it was a light brown. When I first saw the movement I thought it was a person going into the woods, this is the movement it had, however it glided with great speed. It happened so quickly, I thought that I had imagined it until I looked at my friend sitting next to me, he was staring back at me, this made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I asked him if he "seen that" and he yelled "yeah". I had slowed down to about 40mph with the intent to stop(not really knowing what to do) when the two in the back seat yelled "whats going on?" I said, me and (name of friend) saw something, and the two in the back told me to keep going, they did not want to stop. I now wish I had. stopped.
OTHER WITNESSES: There were 2 witnesses including myself. I was driving and the other witness was looking out the windshield.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 8:45pm. It was a cool, clear, and dark night.
ENVIRONMENT: Flat, wooded area heavily populated with wildlife(turkey, rabbits, deer), few houses and farms.

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Bigfoot search party in Girard wants to ‘prove to the world’ it exists

A Youngstown man thinks he saw Bigfoot on his way home, so the group drove to the Valley from California

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – A group that’s looking for Bigfoot drove all the way from California because they believe the creature is hiding out in Girard.
Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. traveled to the Valley as part of their $1 million bounty competition.
They came here because of a picture taken by Xavier King. King was driving to his Youngstown home when he said he saw Bigfoot twice. The second time, he got out and took a picture.
“I had seen something, I don’t know what it was, I had seen something, that’s all I know,” King said. “I got out and took a picture.”
He showed his friend Angela Britt, who is a firm believer in Bigfoot. She went online and contacted the Searching for Bigfoot group.
“He said, ‘Send me the pictures, I’m going to send them to my lab and send you back the results,’ and he did, with the diagram, with the head, the legs, the arms, and everything,” Britt said.
“We know they use rivers and creeks as byways and freeways. Food, vegetation that they could eat, all of this was in those pictures,” said T.J. Biscardi, director of operations for Searching for Bigfoot.
T.J.’s father, Tom Biscardi, founded the company. Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. is owned by Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. — a publically traded company (BGFT).
T.J. said he started believing himself when he claims to have run into bigfoot in Texas in 2008.
The $1,000,000 bounty started April 2 and will be offered through Christmas, December 25, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Because King’s photo is part of a competition, the group wouldn’t show it to us, though they said it could be the creature.
“Ohio is a major migrational path going north. You have to understand, they follow rivers and clusters of forests and these creatures,” Biscardi said. “I’ve been tracking them from Paris, Texas since last December and now I’ve been tracking them up north here.”
He said he gets more sightings in Ohio during this time of year because the creatures are migrating north.
The group travels the country for nine months out of the year and gathers evidence based on sightings. Biscardi said their research shows the creatures mainly travel and feed at night.
He said if they see it, they’ll tranquilize it.
“So we’re jumping up in front of him, hopefully. With the team ready, we’ll get to capture one of these creatures and bring it back and prove to the world that they exist.”
The group will be camping out here for the entire weekend, waiting to see if they can catch the big guy.
To report sightings or activity, Biscardi said you can contact the Bigfoot Hotline at 415-518-8494.

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Shawn's Dogman, Bigfoot and other strange cryptid creatures stories

Shawn is an archaeologist who had a Dogman encounter and other strange experiences. Bigfoot and Dogman are known more than some of the other stories Shawn tells so stayed tuned and hear what he has to say. Paranormal cases from around the world as this man travels throughout his career.

Bigfoot Bonanza

Huge Ape Reported Seen At Blue Creek (Texas)

Democrat Staff Writer
(July 20, 1960)
BLUE CREEK- Is there a gorilla loose near this small community?
J.O. Conrad, his wife and son, who live here three miles east of Sherman on Highway 82, say they saw “a seven-foot gorilla or some kind of monster” Monday night near their home. His story came to light only Friday.
The animal has been reported seen near Bells by one other person. Some people merely shake their heads and smile at the story while others stand behind Conrad’s report.
Gorilla or not the citizens of Blue Creek are keeping their doors locked tight and firearms handy.
Conrad said he had just gone to bed Monday night about 10:30 or 11. “I was smoking a cigarette when the dog started barking,” he said. ” I looked out the east window and saw him, He looked to be seven feet tall and about three feet wide across the back. He stood upright but hunched over.”
At first glimpse Conrad said he thought it might be a man walking through his yard. “Then I saw it was too big to be a man,” he explained. “I jumped out of bed and got my flashlight and gun.” Mrs. Conrad and their son, James, 13, watched the creature from the bedroom window.
Conrad said he stepped off his front porch toward the animal and fired three times. “I know I hit him at least once. but he didn’t even flinch. That’s when I went after my shotgun,” Conrad said.
Mrs. Conrad called the sheriff’s office in Sherman. Deputies warned against shooting the animal, afraid a bullet wound would cause it to attack.
“I fired the shotgun over his head, but he didn’t run, just shuffled of to the east down the side of the highway,” Conrad continued. “I jumped in my car and followed. I got a real good look at him in my headlights while I was following him.
“He looked black as coal. He was real hairy except for his face,” he said. “I was about 20 feet from him when I shot, and I didn’t try to get closer. I was scared.”
All the way to the Blue Creek bottom, a few hundred yards east of the community, Conrad said the animal swayed and shuffled slowly along on his back legs. “His front legs were just hanging down and swinging around,” he said.
After the animal went into the underbrush at the creek, Conrad said he gave up the search, afraid to follow the beast in the brush.
Mrs. Curtis Wilson, who lives about 100 yards east of Conrad across the highway, said she and her husband were awakened shortly before Conrad saw the animal. “We heard something rattling around in the shrubbery beside the house, and our two dogs were going crazy,” Mrs. Wilson said. “Then we heard something thump against the house and the dogs hushed, just like they had been turned off.”
When her husband went outside, Mrs. Wilson said the dogs were cowering in a corner on the porch and “shaking just like somebody had whipped them.”
At the same time, Mrs. Wilson said the Wilson’s cows hehind the house had begun an uproar. The Wilson’s first thought of a wolf. “Then we heard Mr. Conrad shooting and my husband got his deer rifle. But by the time he got out to the highway, whatever it was had gone into the creek bottom brush,” she said.
Mrs. Wilson said most of the people living near the community had kept their dooors locked since. Conrad said his wife was so scared that she did not go to sleep the rest of the night and had to have medical treatment the next day.
W.B. Thompson of 716 S. Burdette, Sherman was working the same night at an all-night station in the Star community between Bells and Denison. He said a man drove into the station for gas and told him he had just seen a large, strange-looking animal along the roadside near Bells. Thompson did not get the man’s name.
Conrad said that as he started to follow the beast in his car another car came down the highway approaching the animal from behind. “That fellow must have seen the gorilla because he threw on his brakes and almost stopped at the side of the animal. Then he stepped on it and got out of there. I thought he would stop and help me, but he must of been scared, too.”
Grayson Sheriff’s Deputy James Spaugh answered Mrs. Conrad’s call for help. He said that as far as he is concerned “Conrad definitely saw something and it wasn’t a man.”
Next morning Conrad took his wife to the doctor. When he returned around noon, he could find no tracks on the hard dry ground. “Some men who work around here had drug a wrecked car over the spot where I saw that thing standing. There weren’t any tracks left,” he said.
Conrad said he had never seen a gorilla before. “I looked in my dictionary the next morning and found one. I know I saw a gorilla,” he said.
At the suggestion of a possible hunt for the beast in the Blue Creek bottom, Conrad said: “With that gorilla down there? Not me, buddy. I’m scared.”

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Art Bell Radio - Bigfoot - Bigfoot Cryptozoology

Art interviews Loren Coleman, famous Cryptozoologist about the known facts on the Bigfoot Phenomenon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bigfoot Coverup: Why?

Are there mountain lions in Pennsylvania? The state game commission says, no. However, there are countless number of people that claim they have seen them. From the outside it looks like there could be a cover up. Would they do the same with bigfoot?